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The Healthcare Choice Coalition is bringing together business owners, agents/brokers, and others who believe in protecting the freedom of citizens to choose and direct their own health care.

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Max Out Your HSA to Supplement Your Retirement Savings

Those of us in high-deductible health care plans with Health Savings Accounts often put in just enough money to pay for medical expenses throughout the year. You might reconsider that strategy and use your HSA for additional retirement savings.

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HSAs: What About the Fees?

Health savings account fees have the potential to eat away at a tool that's meant to help achieve a lot in healthcare. As more employers expect employees to fund first-dollar coverage of their health needs, little attention has been paid to this detail.

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Controlling Benefit Costs Is Top Concern for Employers

The two biggest challenges in the benefits arena for employers are the need to control costs while attracting and retaining a competitive workforce, according to the second annual Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey, conducted by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. But only 31 percent of employers surveyed have calculated the financial impact of health-care reform on their organizations, and just 10 percent have a written total rewards or strategic benefits plan with measurable objectives.

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Three Conservative Ideas Buried Within Obamacare

Despite being poorly conceived, poorly written, poorly enacted, and poorly implemented, the Affordable Care Act opens up some doors that were firmly locked before—things that most free-market economists have been espousing for years without success. I’m talking about several important elements of the law that were not well crafted in this particular bill, but can now be used as precedents for major improvements in American health care.

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Health Care Isn't a Market Without Price Transparency

What if you could save more than $600 on a purchase by driving across town? Would you do that? Given the number of people I know who will bypass half a dozen gas stations to save 10 cents a gallon, I’d guess many people would answer, “Are you joking?” Now, what if I told you that purchase was a CT scan of your head?

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