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Health Savings Accounts Front and Center Amid Obamacare Repeal Efforts

With Republicans in Congress moving aggressively toward replacing all or major parts of Obamacare, HSAs are expected to become a centerpiece of managing health care-related expenses going forward. With most versions of the plans aimed at replacing Obamacare including higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, HSAs are expected to represent the tradeoff in terms of costs to consumers.

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Save on Your Health-Care Costs, Even Amid the Obamacare Battle

There no need to wait on the outcome of the debate in Washington over health care. You can cut your medical costs right now. You can get the most out of your coverage if you use it wisely. This means taking advantage of wellness visits, participating in workplace programs that encourage healthy habits and creating a strategy for using services as you reach your deductible.

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Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Delay Fiduciary Rule

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) introduced a bill January 6 that would delay the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule effective date by two years. Delay is one of the most immediate and simplest options available to Republicans while they work on long-range efforts to repeal the rule. The rule is slated to take effect April 10.

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Why Retirement Plan Advisers Should Care About the HSA Market

Why should retirement plan advisers care about health savings accounts? The short answer: The HSA market is growing and there is a void in education and advice, which retirement plan advisers are perfectly positioned to fill. Additionally, the largest contingent of the U.S. labor force now consists of millennials. They have the highest adoption rate of high-deductible health plans of any age group.

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An Account That Can Keep Your Retirement Savings Healthy

Using your health savings account just to cover current medical expenses could be short-sighted. They're a great tool to cut taxes and put money away for health care. Unlike flexible spending accounts for health care, HSA balances can be carried over from year to year — and that money can be invested and grows tax-free, making it great for the short term and the long term.

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