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The Healthcare Choice Coalition is bringing together business owners, agents/brokers, and others who believe in protecting the freedom of citizens to choose and direct their own health care.

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Consumers Getting a Handle on HSAs

Consumers are figuring out how to use health savings accounts, and the more experience they have with them, the better they like them. That's what several years of research shows.

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An Overlooked Vehicle for Retirement Savings

There's one retirement wrapper that you may be neglecting: a health savings account. HSAs aren't specifically designed as retirement savings vehicles, but for people with limited ongoing medical expenses, an HSA can be a great piggy bank for additional retirement savings.

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How a Medical Expense Tax Shelter Can Become an Investment Gold Mine

High income earners who've maxed out their retirement accounts are following a lucrative strategy to boost returns from their Health Savings Accounts. The trick is to treat an HSA as another retirement account, like an IRA or 401(k) plan, and forgo withdrawals until retirement.

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Health Plans Experimenting With New Benefit Designs to Give Value

Health insurers offering plans in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces are experimenting with new types of benefit designs aimed at giving consumers some value before subjecting them to deductibles or other cost-sharing requirements.

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The Secret Committee Behind Our Soaring Health Care Costs

A secretive committee run by the American Medical Association, with the assent of the government, has enormous power to determine Medicare prices by assessing the relative value of the services that physicians perform. Because Medicare fees are the baseline for the rest of the pricing in the health care system, this has had a broad effect, contributing to a situation where primary care doctors are in general underpaid, underappreciated and in critically short supply.

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