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Let It Die? How the GOP Could Just Wait for Obamacare to "Collapse"

Republicans are slowly assembling their own Obamacare death panel. The patient: Obamacare itself. The GOP is confronting the very real possibility that its health care bill won't pass. And from there, the question is do they try again or simply accept the status quo. Which is Obamacare. Which they believe is dying.

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Why Republicans Included a Tax They Hate in Their Health Care Bill

Almost none of the Obamacare taxes survive in the repeal legislation that the GOP congressional leadership is pushing. But the one Obamacare tax that Republicans do retain -- though it is delayed for almost a decade -- is a surprising candidate. The legislation includes an implementation in 2025 of the widely loathed Cadillac tax. It's not that GOP lawmakers are suddenly warming to the tax. Rather Republicans are using it to smooth over the budget math.

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How the GOP Health Plan Might Impact Your Retirement

Republican leaders have unveiled a plan to overhaul Obamacare. If the bill becomes law, it will significantly affect the health care coverage of millions of Americans. But it also could impact the retirement prospects of just as many citizens. For one thing, the Republican proposal nearly doubles the amount of money people can contribute to HSAs. While the wisdom behind HSAs can be debated, the fact is they offer an opportunity to save more for the future — and to trim your tax bill now — if you can afford to make contributions.

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Not Much Saving Going on in Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts feature prominently in the new healthcare bill being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives, with a variety of changes in store. But research shows not many participants are actually saving money beyond the initial tax break. Money goes in and comes right back out, with only a fraction held over. Just 15 percent contribute the maximum, and more than 30 percent do not contribute any money at all in a given year.

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Why You Should Prioritize Saving in Your HSA

Which type of account are you primarily using to save for retirement? An IRA or a 401(k) is a common answer, but I’d argue that an HSA may be the better option when prioritizing which type of account to save in. The reason it may be a good idea to focus on maxing out your HSA is because an HSA has the potential to be the most tax-efficient manner to save for future expenses.

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