August 14, 2021

Top 7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

1. Physical Activities

Physical Activities (Exercise) are essential for a person to be fit and healthy. Exercise on a daily basis develops circulation and can help combat depression. Cardiovascular exercises help out in strengthening the lungs and heart, stretching exercises help in reducing the danger of an injury by increasing flexibility, strength exercises help to strengthen your body muscles. So it is highly recommended having 10 minutes for exercise every day.

2. Avoid Your Unwanted Habits

Alcohol, drugs, smoking, unsafe sex and other unhealthy addictions are needed to kick off from your life-cycle. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to follow meditation, right kind of foods and yoga, etc. Stop consuming unhealthy foods like refined sugar, alcohol and fast foods. Eat them once in a while, but not daily.

3. Regular Check-ups is required

Once in a month it is required to go for medical check-ups, because it adds benefits in many ways. If there is something strange in the body, you will get to identify early and it can be treated faster. Venkataeswara hospitals are leading Multispeciality Hospital in India offering world class health check-ups.

4. Healthy Foods

Consume whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet calendar. Eat lean sources of protein like fish, beans, poultry and tofu. Make sure that you don't overeat, try to eat balanced meals. Avoid having Snack foods because it contains artificial sweeteners or excessive sugar or colours.

5.Morning Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important food time to start your day with fresh and energetic. A proper healthy breakfast will increase your body for finest mental and physical act. Breakfast helps in maintaining a healthy weight and stable blood sugar levels.

6. Sleep and Reduce Stress

The very first tip is getting an enough amount sleep for at least 8 hours is good to stay healthy and fit. Sleep helps the body to restore to health, repair and refresh itself. A lack of sleep affects stress hormones, memory, metabolism, concentration, the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Stress can lead to many health problems from heart trouble to digestive problems. To manage your stress levels, take breaks like day off or a vacation, exercising, yoga, meditation, doing what you love, being around in nature, etc. Venkataeswara hospitals are the Best Hospitals in India, always suggested to have good sleep and it helps to reduce stress too.

7. Consume Water

For proper functioning of body requires good Hydration. Water is very important for the brain as well as for removing the toxins out from the body. Fruits such as watermelon, mangoes, cucumbers, etc., contain water in it. Eating this fruits aid to clean the organs and digestive system, and maintaining a healthy body.

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